Video Traffic Is Where The Internet Is Going

The internet is an amazing, wonderful creation. It allows connections with people that you never would have met otherwise, and it allows business to exist in a way that it just couldn't exist a decade ago. However, even though the internet came into the world and changed society as we know it, it's still evolving.

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As little as five years ago, the internet was almost entirely text based. Not enough people had a fast enough connection to make high video production feasible. These days, however, plenty of people have DSL, if not cable or even fiber optic. This means that video streaming is more popular than ever.


This is proven by the fact that websites such as Hulu and Netflix has become so popular. It's being estimated that some 69% of all internet traffic will be video traffic by 2017. That's a short year away. You can also visit this site to get even more video marketing tips:


It helps that video production is becoming easier. You can produce video traffic with a personal webcam, if you want. The internet doesn't demand much, after all. So with all these different aspects, is it any wonder that so many people are throwing in their chips with some great video content?

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